Angelica stricta purpurea

Angelica stricta Purpurea

My knees shook when I first discovered this rare and spectacular Angelica growing at the Mendocino Botanical Garden. Luckily, the kind folk who work there let us have some seed of this amazing treasure. Growing quickly to 4’ tall and 3’ across, its foliage is a beautiful, luxurious, purple-black, making it stand out like royalty amongst its neighbors. Next come the huge ruby boat shaped buds followed by large, 4-5” umbels color shifting from mauve to dark violet-purple. An absolute must have! And don’t forget that Angelicas are much loved by butterflies, too! EASY, fairly fast and blooms first year if Spring planted. Rich soil is best. Self-sows!


Full Sun
Average Water
USDA Zones 5-10a