Eriogonum giganteum
“St. Catherine’s Lace”

Eriogonum giganteum St Catherines Lace Eriogonum giganteum St Catherines Lace

The largest of all the “Buckwheats,” Eriogonum giganteum is EASY, very DROUGHT TOLERANT and tolerates hot, arid regions as well as coastal salt spray. It’s also one of the most popular nectar sources for many butterflies, especially the California Blues and Hairstreaks, quite a few of which are suffering from dwindling habitats. A very nice looking California native, Eriogonum giganteum is freely branching and grows to 4’ tall x 5’ wide with attractive wooly, gray, oval leaves. The longest blooming of all “Buckwheats,” it starts in April with large clusters of tiny, white flowers and keeps its bloom till Fall, when the flowers age to a rusty color. “St. Catherine’s Lace” requires no Summer water once established and tolerates clay, though it thrives best in well-drained soil. Native to Santa Catalina Island.


Full Sun

Avg./Low Water
No Summer Water
once established

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 9-11