Centradenia floribunda
“Spanish Shawl”

Centradenia floribunda "Spanish Shawl" Centradenia floribunda "Spanish Shawl"

A pleasure to grow! EASY, fast and beautiful, this RARE Mexican relative of the “Princess Flower Tree” creates the prettiest, densest groundcover of rich reddish burgundy leaves 12-24” tall, depending on what it can scramble up. Radiant, 2” fuchsia blooms stand out against the foliage Summer to Fall (often thru Winter in frost-free areas). Choice in rock gardens, as a trailer or spilling out of a container, you can easily pinch back its soft stems to control spread (to 4’ across). Red foliar color is strongest with some sun. Well drained, compost rich soil for best show. Less water needed once established. Cut back to 5” in Winter for freshest appearance in Spring.


Sun/Part Shade
Avg./Low water
USDA Zones 9-10