Salvia semiatrata

Salvia semiatrata Salvia semiatrata

Shimmeringly beautiful, this Oaxacan native bears whorls of eye-catching, bi-colored blooms off & on most of the year in USDA zones 9 & 10. The flower’s upper lip is a luminous dark violet, the lower lip, a dusky lavender & holding it all together, a bright magenta calyx. The evergreen foliage is lovely, too – triangular, olive green & pebbly to the touch. Salvia semiatrata usually grows about 3’ x 3’ & has particular needs to be happy. Away from the immediate coast it needs ½ day sun both in Summer & Winter. Good air circulation & fast-draining, loamy soil, too. Prune lightly to maintain a pretty shape. Hardy to 25°.


Sun-Pt. Shade  
Low-Avg. Water  

USDA zones 9-10

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