Aloe dichotoma
“Tree Aloe”
“Quiver Tree”

How fabulous can you get? One of the largest Aloes, the beautiful and distinctive “Aloe Tree” is well known and a common garden feature in South Africa. Usually growing up to 12’ or 15’ tall, it forms a single trunk branching out into a densely rounded crown at maturity, displaying terminal rosettes of blue-green leaves. The branches are smooth and covered with a thin layer of whitish powder to deflect the sun’s rays. The bark forms beautiful (but razor sharp!) golden brown scales. Bright yellow flower spikes appear December and January. “Aloe Tree” is hardy to 23 degrees F and it’s said to be a good idea to wrap its trunk below 28 degrees F. It loves intense heat and fast drainage – especially along the California coast where it’s foggy. Excellent in a hot, dry, rock garden and superb in a large container. Fire-retardant!

Sun/Pt. Shade
Low/No Summer Water

Perennial Tree
USDA zones 9-10

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