Acacia podalyriifolia
“Pearl Acacia”
“Silver Wattle”

Acacia podalyriifolia “Pearl Acacia” “Silver Wattle”Acacia podalyriifolia “Pearl Acacia” “Silver Wattle”

Every time I pull the car up in front of my house & see the stunning bluish-green trunks of my “Pearl Acacia” growing in the 1.5’ wide  parking strip, I get a special thrill. I LOVE this Acacia! Totally perfect as a small street tree, it thrives as happy as a clam in the terrible clayish soil with almost no Summer water. In Spring, it deliciously scents my whole front yard with its large clusters of lemon-yellow puff-ball flowers. Evergreen or ever-silvery-blue, the 1.5” oval leaves are truly lovely, too. Fast growing to only 9-10’ tall it’s easily pruned to any shape especially to show off those silver-blue trunks & branches. Mine was hit by a garbage truck when young which created a multi-base-branching form that I really like. Thanks garbage dude!


Acacia podalyriifolia “Pearl Acacia” “Silver Wattle”

Avg/No Summer Water once established 
drought tolerant

USDA Zones 9b-11