Acacia triptera
“Spur-Wing Wattle”

Acacia triptera “Spur-Wing Wattle”Acacia triptera “Spur-Wing Wattle”

photo:(left) Melburnian(right) Ian Sutton

Unusual, distinctive and attractive. This very dense, spreading shrub grows 3’ - 6’ tall & wide & bears oddly pointed, sharp leaves spreading out from the stem. Very showy, bright yellow, rod-like flower heads are produced profusely from early Spring to Summer. Extremely drought resistant, it just needs Sun & some fairly good drainage. When the conditions are very dry, the foliage turns a striking red-maroon. Hardy to 20 degrees F and much appreciated by small birdies. Good hedge or barrier plant.



Avg/Low Water
drought tolerantdeer resistant

USDA Zones 9-11