Uncinia uncinata
‘Red’/ 'Rubra'
Uncinia uncinata ‘Red’ 'Rubra'

The best little red grass you ever saw! A gorgeous, deepest red-bronzy, clumping grass - well, actually, a sedge, native to New Zealand. Growing to a compact 12” x 15" tall & wide, it is very easy to grow & looks great all of the time. Excellent for adding rich, contrasting color & texture to the front of a bed. Fab & fun in a pot too. Uncinias like a cool, moist habitat. Here along the California coast, we can grow it in full sun to shade. Bright shade to shade inland. It doesn’t like to dry out.


Sun - Brt Shade

Avg - High water

Perennial Grass
USDA zones 8-11