Melianthus villosus
"Honey Bush"

Melianthus villosus Honey Bush Melianthus villosus Honey Bush

EASY, TOUGH, and ADAPTABLE, this hardy, compact Melianthus provides all the tropical appeal of its extra-large cousins, but in a much more realistic size for the average garden at 3-5’ tall x 3’ wide. The large, serrated, tropical-looking, blue-green leaves are invaluable for providing beautiful, evergreen foliage in the garden with the added bonus of smelling like hazelnuts! The maroon flowers with chocolate bracts are rather so-so but the bright, apple-green, inflated seed pods that follow are totally fun and make fab material for flower arrangements. A striking container subject too! Well-drained soil is best.


Full Sun
Avg./Low water

USDA zones 8-11