Impatiens tinctoria

Oh so Rare, hardy, perennial and deliciously fragrant! Many a folk would do just about anything to get their paws on this legendary Impatiens. Native to the high elevation Central Africa and hardy down to USDA zone 7, it will reach 5’ tall and easily 3’ across. And the flowers! Large - 3” across and fantastically orchid shaped, they’re purest white, hooded and beautifully marked in crimson red. Exotically long arching spurs and the fragrance - especially in the evening - is so like Plumeria! Multi-branching, with thick, almost succulent stems, it’s long lived thanks to its tuberous roots! Pretty, large sized typical Impatiens foliage. Goes deciduous with exposure to cold and can be grown in a large (15 gallon size and up) container, as well as in the garden. Rich, composty soil for a stunning specimen appearance, we also find that planting it adjacent to an open branched, sturdy shrub to lean through gives it’s long arms support. Dislikes heat!

Note: Generally, species Impatiens prefer cool Summer climates with little frost, and suffer in areas with too much heat and humidity!



USDA zones 7b-10