Aloe ferox
“Cape Aloe”

Aloe ferox Cape Aloe Aloe ferox Cape Aloe

A large, very showy and rewarding Aloe, native to South Africa’s Cape region. A robust grower to 15’ tall, it forms bright, red-orange, candelabra-like, flowering stalks on slender, multi-branching stems, (5-8 at a time), from Winter thru Spring. “Cape Aloe” forms a dense rosette of bluish, lance-shaped leaves, up to 3’ long with a spiny surface and reddish-brown, toothed edges. An excellent and adaptable garden specimen especially suited to rock gardens, dry gardens, sloping hillsides and large containers with well-drained soil. Top-dress with a layer of compost a couple of times a year. Can tolerate long periods of drought but looks better with a little water.


Full Sun

Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9-10