Aeonium tabuliforme
"Dinner Plate Aeonium"

One of the most desirable of all succulents, who doesn’t lust over "Dinner Plate Aeonium", the size of a medium-large pizza! A perfectly flattened geometric rosette of emerald-jade, ciliate leaves (edged in soft hairs), it is indeed a wondrous thing. Not difficult, but you must give it excellent drainage as it doesn’t appreciate wet feet. Well-suited to tucking in a rock wall which mimics its natural habitat in the Canary Islands, it's easy in a container, and an undemanding houseplant. Pale yellow flowers emerge after 3-4 years and self-sows readily. Protect from frost below 28 degrees F, or bring indoors. Bait for snails


Sun/Pt. Shade
Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 9-10