Asclepias curassavica
‘Silky Gold’

Asclepias curassavica ‘Silky Gold’ "Mexican Milkweed" Asclepias curassavica ‘Silky Gold’ "Mexican Milkweed"

Monarch butterflies will reward you and your garden with their love and precious babies! A wonderful addition to the butterfly or habitat garden - this evergreen and ever-blooming “Milkweed” produces endless 3-4” clusters of lovely bright yellow flowers on long stems that are excellent for cutting! Forms a dense, bushy shrub 3’x3’. Cut back in the Fall after the caterpillars are gone for best habit. Compost in Winter and your plant will return with vigor in early Spring.

Asclepias curassavica ‘Silky Gold’ "Mexican Milkweed" Asclepias curassavica ‘Silky Gold’ "Mexican Milkweed"


We are pleased to announce that the California Department of Agriculture has recently lifted its requirement that our nursery use Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis), as a naturally occurring biological insecticide (also commonly used on organically grown fruits and vegetables),  as control against LBAM (Light Brown Apple Moth) within the State of California.  As a result we are no longer using BT in our nursery.  Bt was known to be toxic to caterpillars, particularly the Monarch butterfly caterpillar, which is why we had always advised our customers to wait a growing season (or approximately one year) before introducing Monarch caterpillars to any Asclepia (Milkweed) plants  to ensure the plants are large enough to provide sufficient food and the BT has had time to wear off. 

**To protect Monarchs from infectious parasites, cut back your Asclepias currasavica in late Fall. This will also promote a healthier plant next season.



Sun/Part Sun
Low/Avg. Water

USDA Zones 8-11