Selinum wallichianum
"Emerald Lace"

Selinum wallichianum "Emerald Lace" Selinum wallichianum "Emerald Lace"

One of my favorite perennials! Easy, strong & long-lived, I consider this Himalayan native an elegant must-have for sunny spots! Quickly reaching 3’ tall & 3’ across, you get a truly lovely, bright emerald-green, dense, dome-shaped mound of large, lacy, Fern-like foliage that is beautiful all year long in coastal California. In mid-Summer, charming 8” wide lace-cap umbels grow on upright red stems designed to attract butterflies & all manner of pollinators to your garden – yay! Swallowtails love to lay their eggs on it. Adaptable to partial OR full sun, I give it a dose of compost twice a year & cut it back to 2” tall in Winter for perfect refreshment. A great choice for tasteful, simple gardens - or a super foil for colorful, over-the-top cottagey gardens. Pest free, ‘Emerald Lace’ will easily live 10+ years in your garden. Try it! 


Selinum wallichianum "Emerald Lace" Swallowtail butterfly

Sun- Part Sun

USDA Zones 6b-10