Zaluzianskya capensis
"Night Phlox"
AKA "Midnight Candy"

Zaluzianskya capensis "Night Phlox" "Midnight Candy" Zaluzianskya capensis "Night Phlox" "Midnight Candy"

Beware the heavenly fragrance of this rare South African perennial may be highly addictive! As the sun goes down, maroon buds open into a profusion of innocent looking white pinwheels. If you’re in proximity, be prepared to swoon, the fragrance is powerfully delicious, like sweet cake fresh from the oven. Most intoxicating after dark, so plant it near a bedroom window! Best & longer lived in a container, it’ll reach 12” x 12” & flower over a long period. Cut back to 4” tall for a second round of bloom. Very EASY to grow & fabulous before-bed aromatherapy for kids, as well as grown-ups. Everyone needs a little “Midnight Candy”!  

Avg/Low Water 

USDA Zones 9-11,
Annual elsewhere