Verbascum epixanthinum

Radiating exceptional beauty, this photo shows what is probably the first time anyone in the U.S. has seen this very rare Verbascum (Mullein) bloom! Only discovered in 1999, in Vikos Gorge, Greece, we are so lucky and charmed! Seen here thriving in Anni Jensen’s (our beloved propagator) no-water garden, it makes a spectacular basal rosette, 3’ across, of large leaves covered in golden fuzz. Just the rosette is enough to knock a plant collector’s socks off. The flower spike is 5’ tall so far, very thick and densely studded with very attractive, large, glowing, lemon yellow flowers. This treasure of a Verbascum seems to succeed best in rich, well-drained soil with NO SUMMER WATER. During our Winter rainy season it seems to go semi-deciduous, so don’t rip it out! So there’s the dish and if you have a dry garden, do try this easy to grow, beautiful treasure.

Full Sun

USDA zones 7-10