Aquilegia yabeana

Aquilegia yabeana Columbine Aquilegia yabeana Columbine

Poor Columbines! They have suffered in popularity in recent years, due, I believe, to gardeners’ experience with the inferior, “compact” varieties so widely available. Have you also found your Columbines bloom much less and fail to overwinter? Well, I feel it’s my mission to bring the joy and charm of Columbines back to the Spring garden! As vigorous a Columbine as your grand­mother ever grew, this majestic, naturally occurring Japanese species (thank­fully unimproved by breeders) will easily reach 30-36” tall by 20” across and display a grand number of nodding rich purple blooms on branched stems above a delicate grey-green foliage mound. Grown from seed, so there is slight variability of flower color with occasional plants boasting brilliant white centers. Long blooming, it reliably returns each Spring and self-sows! Cut back to 1” after bloom and you may get a 2nd flush in Summer. Butterflies and hummingbirds! Rich soil.


Sun (coast)
Bright shade (inland)

Average Water

USDA Zones 4-10