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Livin' La Vida Verde!

The prettiest power couple you can plant right now!

One of the prettiest and most eye-pleasing power couples to ever grace our garden beds is this inimitable duo – Nicotiana alata 'Lime Green' and Agrostemma 'Milas'. So iconic, we think they deserve their own portmanteau à la Brangelina and Kimye (Nicostemma? Agrostiana? Suggestions welcome!).

NEW FOR YOU, 2020 Edition!

Our 2019 plant trials are complete! We've weighed and measured the new recruits – and we weren't softies unable to choose between all of our precious babies. Oh, heck no! Out of the 1150 plants we trialed last year, only 128 made the cut. Less-than-fabulous performers – whether they be unimpressive bloomers, too wimpy for our climate, or way-to-hard for the average gardener to grow – have been brutally culled. The champions that remain have floated to the top like sweet, velvety cream. So, meet a handful of the beauties that blew us away in 2019 – with many more to come!

Pastel Paradise!

Dreamy & romantic combos you can plant now

Pretty pastels mix and mingle in this sweetheart of a Spring garden featuring long-blooming California native wildflowers Nemophila menziesii "Baby Blue Eyes", Gilia tricolor "Bird's Eyes" and Eschscholzia californica ‘Alba’. Plant now for a beautiful bloom-at-the-same-time explosion come March/April! Supporting perennial castmates Aquilegia chrysantha 'Yellow Queen' and Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Electra' round out the show, blooming well into Summer and beyond with deadheading.

Prickly, Pokey, Spiny Succulents!

Jeff Moore of Solana Succulents shares
his faves February 22 at 11 am!

Jeff's new book “Spiny Succulents” explores some of the truly extraordinary prickly plants in cultivation: cacti, Euphorbias, Fouquierias, terrestrial bromeliads and a host of other dry-climate and often spiky architectural wonders. His presentation features beautiful images of mature landscape plants photographed throughout California and Arizona – many of which also make for delightful container specimens – and his commentary will include cultural tips and care for new enthusiasts as well as veteran succulent die-hards.

"Spiny Succulents" is the fourth book in a series, and Jeff will offer all books for sale with a signing after the talk. Don't miss it!


Spring Inspiration Starts Now with our
Spectacular Spring Slideshow!

Greetings garden friends! The days we Western gardeners look forward to all year-long are upon us! Longer days, a few Spring showers (yay!!) and the the first sweet sounds of birdsong can only mean one thing ... SPRING is near!!

In honor of this magical gardening time of year – so full of promise and potential! – we've put together an inspirational and uplifting SPRING SLIDESHOW to get you in the gardening mood. Cruise ahead of the gardening curve with the most luscious plant combos and color schemes for the new season!

Make Room for Shrooms!

Grow delicious mushrooms in your own home garden with Theresa Halula, Sat. February 8 at 11 am!

Come discover the fascinating world of fungi – and the important role mushrooms play in our environment! At this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to grow easily recognizable mushrooms in the home garden using methods that are fool-proof even for the novice. Best of all, you don't have to worry about their edibility!

Everyone Loves Lupines!

Delicate and compact, densely bushy, fuzzy, hardy, even tree-like, Lupines are a diverse lot with over 200 wild species and many more hybrids to choose from – we can honestly say there's a Lupine for everyone! With attractive palmate leaves that seem especially designed to catch the morning dew and make it sparkle, Lupines are just as enchanting in the garden as they are in the wild. We grow a hearty variety of captivating California native Lupines, as well as the best-of-the-best mildew-resistant and reliably long-lived hybrids. Unparalleled for bringing romance and a cottagey feel to the garden, they're also bee and butterfly magnets of the highest order! Tap-rooted, the perennial varieties can handle short periods of drought, but are so much happier and robust with regular water and a healthy dose of compost. Deer and rabbit resistant!

In Pursuit of Delicious Fruit!

All Your Fruit Tree Questions Answered!

No matter what size your garden, there's room for fruit trees!

January is the perfect time for us Bay Area gardeners to plant bare-root fruit trees and that's why we are always dang pleased to welcome back our dedicated and beloved FRUIT TREE GENIUS, Phil Pursel of Dave Wilson Nursery on Jan. 25 at 11 am to give us all the info we need to select, plant, prune and protect new and established trees!

Hardy Annuals: Plant 'em now for Spring WOW!

With their lust for life and big bang-for-the-buck, these frost-tolerant toughies pooh-pooh our cool, wet Winter weather (USDA zones 8 and up), sending their roots far and wide and building momentum for a spectacular bloom-at-the-same-time garden extravaganza come April. They're some of the showiest bloomers in all of the gardening world – blooming their hearts out all Spring long if you plant them when they're young and deadhead faded blooms once they start blooming.

Become a Rose Expert in One Class!

Get your roses ready and rarin' to go with expert Cristin Fusano on Sat., January 11 at 11 am!

New Year's Greetings Garden Friends! It's time for our annual Rosarian cram session with our favorite rose expert, Horticulturalist Cristin Fusano on Saturday, January 11 at 11 am! And you definitely don't want to miss it because NOW is the perfect time to prune and prep for a stellar Spring!