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Oh Those Deer Days of Summer
Planting the UNdelicious

Oh deer oh deer you’re not welcome here! Though everything you see is pretty as can be, its neither delicious nor nutritious, so move along and let our plants be.

While for some, August signifies the dog days of summer, for those who live near forests and natural open spaces, August can mean an unwelcome influx of deer venturing into our yards in search of food and water. If hungry enough, they’ll eat pretty much anything, so no plant is 100% “deer proof”, but there are many many evergreen, floriferous and beauteous plants that will have them cruising right past your place and over to the neighbors.

Container Collages, Hanging Baskets and Living Bouquets

Planting in containers is a great way to bring living beauty to whatever large or small space you have while having fun experimenting with mixing and arranging different containers and flower types together. At Annie’s we’ll plant almost anything in a pot, but we rarely put more than one type of plant in a container at a time. Having just one or two plants per pot lets them grow fuller and last longer because their roots are not competing for space and nutrients in the soil. We then like to group lots of…

“Covered California” great low growing natives for less lawn more garden.

With so many beautiful, low growing, spreading, bloomiferous, drought tolerant, CA native, lawn-alternative options, there’s no time like now to ditch the lawn and gain a garden. The native bees, butterflies, birds, other critters, and your wallet, will thank you. This week we’ve assembled some of our "Favey Fave" lawn-to-garden options. Plus, this Saturday (7/23) at 10am Ann-Marie Benz from the California Native Plant Society will be giving a FREE TALK in the Nursery about the best ways to plan to take out your lawn, key next steps, and how to choose native plants according to your specific garden goals, area and style.

Easy Peasy Perennials

Who doesn’t love a plant that you plant once, it lasts for years, blooms prolifically, and requires little but a bit of deadheading and seasonal pruning to refresh and keep it the shape and size you desire? We definitely do! We’ve got loads of EASY PEASY PERENNIALS to suit all those spaces where you need a workhorse plant, be it a shrub, groundcover or vine. Many have the added bonus of being beautifully scented and making excellent cut flowers. Try a few of these star performers. We’re sure they’ll be standouts in your garden for years to come.

Celebrate National Pollinator Week and BEE-Friend the Bees, Butterflies & Birds with these Pollinator-Loving Beauties

Happy National Pollinator Week! We know, you know how important it is to include pollinator plants in your garden, to provide not only a food source for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, but to provide shelter and habitat too. No matter what your garden style, sun, space or height needs, or color themes, we’ve got annual and perennial options aplenty. We’ve assembled some of our FAVEY FAVE summer to fall, bee-loving bloomers here. But want more? Check out or complete list of bee-loving and butterfly-loving plants online and add some new pollinator plants to your garden.

Greenhouse Graduates
7 NEW Plants + Milkweeds for the Monarchs

Our Summer “Class of 2022” is proudly graduating seven new plants out into the nursery this week with all the celebratory “Pomp and Circumstance” we can muster! Fragrant, floriferous, variegated and rare, it’s a diverse bunch of summertime beauties we love and we’re certain you will too.

Dah’ling Dahlias, Magic Marigolds & more big summer bloomers

“June is bustin’ out all over” and so are all our best summer bloomers. Now‘s the time to get them planted for your biggest, best summer garden ever! Ahh those Dahlias. Can anyone have just one? Our tough and hardy species Dahlias tend to be sturdier, bushier, more bloomiferous, larger and more robust. They never need staking and are powdery mildew resistant. Plus, like all Dahlias, they're deer resistant, virtually pest free, make gorgeous cut flowers and, possibly best of all, are easy to divide and share with all your garden friends!*

Simply THE BEST Zinnias!

Want big time color and pizazz in your summer garden? Look no farther than Zinnias! These old-fashioned MILDEW RESISTANT ZINNIAS grow super tall (to a proper 3'!) They're ridiculously ruffled, and bloom all summer and into fall with deadheading and a little side dressing of compost mid-season. Standing tall and proud, they attract fluttering hordes of butterflies, bees and beneficial insects – you'll never go back to dwarfed box-store Zinnias again! And did we mention you'll get cut flowers to fill every room in the house with a carnival of color! All zinnias prefer full sun and average water. Annuals - All zones.

Hollyhock and Lupine Love

Growing Hollyhocks and Lupines, are two surefire ways to bring beauty, romance and vertical excitement to your garden, with a bit of nostalgia “sown” in for good measure. Both produce lovely bushy foliage that frames the strong towering spikes packed top to bottom with blooms that the bees and butterflies go wild for. With heirloom, CA native, and best-in-breed, long-lived hybrid varieties in a wide range of colors – there are Lupines and Hollyhocks for everyone.

Plant Our Entire Summer SUNsations Garden!

First time ever folks, we’re featuring the entire “Page Six” garden, straight from our Summer 2022 catalog. Our Summer SUNsations Garden is full of bold color, pollinator-loving, long-blooming summetime classic Dahlias, Rudbeckias, Veronicas, Echinaceas, Salvias and Marigolds, that’s sure to make your garden the talk of block, if not the whole town. This demonstration garden bed was approximately 12' by 6'. It was planted with 1-3 plants of each type grouped together for maximum fullness and fabulosity. We know it doesn’t feel quite like summer yet, but this is the time to plan and plant for your best-ever summer garden.