Sophisticated Silver Foliage!
Fantastic contrastic plants that light up the garden!

As gardeners, we all love flowers – riotous, rewarding, ravishing blooms in every shade of the rainbow, brightening the garden and bringing in the bees and other pollinators. But a well-balanced and interesting garden does not thrive on blooms alone! Glorious gardens need texture, verticality and contrast – something that our collection of sensual silver-foliaged plants can provide in spades, whether it's providing a cool-toned foil to hot colors like red and yellows, complimenting blues, yellows or pinks or capturing the eye in a sea of green foliage.

Bonus! Most silver-foliaged and fuzzy-leaved plants are by nature drought tolerant and deer and bug resistant! They're tough and adaptable, fuzzy and pettable, low maintenance and USEFUL – just give them all good drainage and average/low water and you'll be rewarded with a glowing display that makes your garden shine!

Ardent, Argent Foliage For All!
Lychnis coronaria
“Rose Campion” Sunflower
‘Japanese Silver-Leaf’ Tanacetum haradjanii
"Silverlace Tansy"

Lychnis coronaria
“Rose Campion”

Totally EASY
, this hardy, old-timey favorite is tolerant of hot sun to dry shade, poor soil, clay soil AND it’s deer resistant! Soft, furry, silvery foliage and silvery upright stems topped with fuchsia blooms late Spring thru Summer. Self- sows! Hardy USDA zone 3!

‘Japanese Silver-Leaf’

THE LONGEST BLOOMING of all annual Sunflowers and the most beautiful! Stand-out, silvery-green, heart-shaped leaves and an ongoing multitude of 4" blooms Summer thru Fall. To 5-6' tall x 5' across. Bees, butterflies and birds! Annual, all zones.

Tanacetum haradjanii
"Silverlace Tansy"

One of the coolest foliar highlights for the drier garden!
 Soft feathery 2” leaves on a low growing and compact shrublet-groundcover to 8” tall and 2’ across. Easy in well-drained soil, including rocky or sandy. Hardy USDA zone 6.

Chrysocephalum apiculatum
‘Silver Sunburst’ Senecio candicans
'Angel Wings' Lessingia filaginifolia
'Silver Carpet'

Chrysocephalum apiculatum
‘Silver Sunburst’

Our favorite introduction of 2017, this highlight for the dry, well-drained garden creates a compact mound of luminous silvery-white furry foliage. Papery 1” bright yellow pom-poms in Spring lasts for months! Hardy USDA zone 8b.

Senecio candicans
'Angel Wings'

Totally NEW and utterly unique, this easy and fast drought tolerant, ever-grey Senecio features true silver leaves, forming a 15x20” upright and ruffly mound, can be grown outdoorsindoors, in a container or a garden bed! Hardy USDA zone 8!

Lessingia filaginifolia
'Silver Carpet'

Tough as nails and immune to  CLAY, HEAT and DROUGHT, this native groundcover quickly spreads to a dense 3' silvery carpet only a few inches tall – a great choice for parking strips! Lavender daisies in Summer and Fall. Hardy USDA zone 8!

Salvia canariensis var. candidissima Sedum spathulifolium
'Cape Blanco' Senecio palmeri
'Silver and Gold'

Salvia canariensis var. candidissima
Arresting bright silvery-white foliage and stems make a fabulous highlight for a sunny, dry garden. Reaching 5' x 5' in a single season with a bushy upright habit crowned Summer to Fall with 12" rosey bloom spikes. EASY, deer resistant and drought tolerant,

Sedum spathulifolium
'Cape Blanco'

Add exciting silvery contrast and cushiony texture with this standout Pacific Coast native succulent. Growing slowly to a compact 6" x 1-2’ wide, it self-propagates for freebies. Very low water needed along the coast. Deer resistant. Hardy USDA zone 5!

Senecio palmeri
'Silver and Gold'

Introduced by Santa Barbara Botanical Garden and recently available, this rare Aster relative features brilliant, silvery foliage with 1" golden daisies Spring thru Summer. Extremely tolerant of heat and drought, needs little to no additional water once established.

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