El Niño? No problemo!
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Well, it seems official Western gardeners: El Niño is coming and this is your public service announcement to get ready – because after months and months of dry conditions, we're not about to let a boatload of free water elude our rain barrels and our gardens!

Put that life-giving liquid to good use by planting perennials, biennials and some hardy annuals NOW – and let Mother Nature do the watering! We've got a tremendous selection of CA natives, Winter bloomers, indestructibles, groundcovers, butterfly magnets, deer resistant winners, and more!

Be sure to keep your new plantings happy in the coming rain by improving your soil with compost and giving them good drainage. If you go the extra mile and add a little lava rock, you – and your plants – will be so much happier! Don't forget to use a non-toxic snail bait like Sluggo to fend off marauding mollusks!

Just order 8 plants or more and we'll send them to you with no shipping charge! For reals!

Offer good from October 27 thru November 3, 2015 on orders shipped to CA, OR and WA ONLY.
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Dianthus 'Agatha'
Delphinium elatum 'Sunny Skies“Alkanet”

Dianthus 'Agatha'
We adore this fringy-petalled fragrant "Pink" for its exceptional hardiness, longevity and reliability (read: it won't turn to slime in our wet Winters!). A sweet groundcover below roses or other perennials.

Delphinium elatum 'Sunny Skies
Glorious sky blue blooms on MASSIVE spikes to 6' tall are enough to melt any gardener's heart! A hearty and long-lived cottage garden ESSENTIAL – bait for snails until established, then enjoy! Deer resistant!

Hollyhock Alcea
'Mars Magic’‘Orange Form’
Eschscholzia californica ‘Alba’
“White California Poppy”

Hollyhock Alcea 'Mars Magic’
Unlike the familiar and more common biennial Hollyhocks, our perennial varieties live for years and years and bloom Summer thru Fall! Plant 'em right now for a SUPER EASY & SHOWY Springtime focal point!

Eschscholzia californica ‘Alba’
Dreamy creamy
yellow California Poppies give cool contrast to anything you plant them near! Super adaptable to low or high water, poor or good soil, all of our CA poppies self-sow to spread the love! Deer resistant!

Trachelium caeruleum
'Hamer Pandora'
Linaria reticulata

Trachelium caeruleum 'Hamer Pandora'
One of our most beloved and yet impossible-to-find butterfly beacons, this unfussy, adaptable "Throatwort" can do low or high water, lean or rich soil. Gorgeous purple foliage! SNAIL PROOF, USDA zone 7!

Linaria reticulata 'Flamenco'
One of the first flowers we started growing, 'Flamenco' continues to cha-cha its way into gardeners' hearts! Easy, fast, flamboyant, superbloomy & scented – it'll bring instant color to the Winter garden! Self-sows!

Dahlia ‘Softie’
Salvia mexicana 'Limelight'

Dahlia ‘Softie’
Found as a chance seedling, this workhorse of a Dahlia boasts a multitude of flowers May thru Fall. NO STAKING and mildew resistant, plant now for an exuberant display next Summer! USDA zone 7.

Salvia mexicana 'Limelight' 
Electrifying! Vibrant lime green calyces boasting showy purple-licious blooms appear en masse August thru January, making it a traffic stopper in any garden. Deer resistant, fine in part shade and hardy to USDA zone 8.

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