Clarkias People!

Take the last train to Clarkiaville!

With a list of lovely qualities as long as our arm, it's no secret that we dearly love our CA native Clarkias. And yet ... we find that they are entirely underplanted and underappreciated! How can that be, when they are so beautiful, tough and versatile? Just consider their virtues! Crappy soil? (Plant Clarkias!). Less than perfect drainage? (Plant Clarkias!). Hot and dry? Nibbly deer? You get the point! Plant some Clarkias and let the magic begin!

Exploding into a blaze of bloom that lasts at least a month and sometimes longer (C. rubicunda blasdalei and C. 'Shamini' can keep going on with their bad, bloomy selves till August!), they expertly fill that awkward gap between Spring and Summer when so many Spring bloomers have started to fade. Clarkias keep the bloom alive, making you look like a gardening guru when all you did was plant and forget!

And if you even THINK about growing cut flowers for the garden, then that's it, there's no question about it - you simply MUST give Clarkias a try. Lasting two weeks or more in a vase, they'll amaze you with their seemingly never-ending cheer. Plus, they always self sow so attractively here and there, rewarding you with drought tolerant babies that are free, free, free! How's that for a return on your investment?

So plant some Clarkias, please. You won't be disappointed!


If you love CA natives, don't miss a fantastic talk this Saturday at 11 am by our favorite local expert Stewart Winchester!

Plant NOW for a glorious late Spring thru Summer bloomfest!

Clarkia amoena 'Aurora'
Clarkia 'Memoria'
Clarkia amoena ‘Aurora’
“Farewell to Spring”

Big, blowsy blooms the color of a pinky-peach sunrise display abundantly
at the tips of this many branched beauty.

Clarkia rubicunda blasdalei
“Ruby Chalice Clarkia”

Masses and masses of exuberunt 2" cherry-eyed blooms last till May or longer on this 30" x 30" CA native. Plenty for cutting!

Clarkia amoena
Satiny, pure white flowers blushed with a hint of pink in the throat make the best bouquets. To 30" tall x 2' around.

Clarkia whtineyi clarkia_pink_ribbons_bloom Clarkia amoena

Clarkia amoena ssp. whitneyi
Heart-melting, extra large blooms highlighted by curly white anthers on a bushy, robust plant to 3' tall makes this one of my favorites!

Clarkia concinna
"Pink Ribbons"

It's like a crowd of fluttering pink butterflies have landed when this cute, low growing Clarkia busts into bloom. 10" tall x 20" wide and perfect for edging.

Clarkia unguiculata
‘Salmon Princess’

Ruffly, prettiest peach flowers mingle effortlessly with cottage garden or native neighbors on upright, bloomiferous stems to 3' tall x 2' around. Cut flowers galore!

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