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What time is it?
BULB O'Clock!

One of the surest signs of Spring? Our bulb season is in full swing! Yessir, it is that most magical and wondrous time of the year and we have a SLIDESHOW to prove it!

Brunsvigia josephinae Gladiolus watermeyeri Gladiolus splendens  
Babiana angustifolia Dichelostemma ida-maia Moraea ramossisima
Homoglad hybrids Tritonia crocata Gladiolus alatus
Dichelostemma 'Pink Diamond' Gladiolus scullyi Ixia bellendenii

Spring is in the air! Every time there is a break in the rain, it seems everything grows by leaps and bounds. But before I tell you more, I feel it is only fair to give a little disclaimer:

WARNING: If you are in a cold and frozen part of the country, you may want to delete this email right away. If you stay tuned, be warned! Gardeners in colder zones get plenty of Tulips, oodles of Hyacinths, and even (big sigh) Peonies without having to run outside during the Winter with buckets of ice. We Mediterannean climate gardeners, however, get to grow an amazing and unusual assortment of bulbs that grow during our rainy (and relatively warm) Winter months.  Exposing gardeners in USDA zones below 9 (or occasionally those below 7, depending) to these rare and unusual bulbs may result in drooling, confusion, elevated heart rates, malaise, and a sudden and irresistible urge to sell all of your belongings, leave your Peonies behind and move to sunny California.

Now, as I was saying.

The bulbs we grow come predominantly from South Africa (a country that more than occasionally makes us want to pack up and move ourselves!!) but also from California and Mediterranean climes the world over. The South African faction is the most diverse, though and every year our availability varies since many varieties are both difficult and slow! Some sell out within days of becoming available, so if you see something on our website that is not currently available, add it to your WISH LIST to improve your chances of obtaining it when it does come around!

Many bulbs are best grown in pots, where you can both control the water (many need a dry summer rest) and make sure garden rodents do not abscond with them. But many are sturdy enough to survive the open garden with little more than existing rainfall to get them by.

All of our bulbs are in at least their 2nd year of growth and are shipped as growing plants (some with offsets) in 4-inch pots. This year, we have a number of new and exciting varieties to choose from, so explore THE LIST! Quantities are LIMITED and we fully expect that MANY will sell our quickly, so we advise you put off procrastination and check our availability list asap!

Want to see more?

We do not have them ALL right now, but golly they sure are pretty to look at.

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