Zaluzianskya ovata

UNSURPASSED EVENING FRAGRANCE! This rare & wonderful little perennial Zaluzianskya not only delivers an addictively delicious scent, its flowers open during the day (unlike Zaluzianskya capensis “Midnight Candy”)! Also, it’s more reliably perennial, especially when grown in a pot with well-drained soil. Zaluzianskya ovata grows to only 3” tall & 8” across, forming a dense mat or mound of mid-green foliage. By Summer, the mat becomes covered with a mass of deep maroon buds which open to reveal white pinwheels with a red reverse. The fragrance begins to release as the sun goes down & gets stronger the later it gets - a good excuse to let the kids stay up late!

Full sun
Avg./Low water


USDA zones 9-10


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