Plectranthus barbatus

Oh, this is a fun plant for us lucky folks living in our mild winter climate. It’s a big, honking, perennial specimen plant, totally easy & fast, to about 5’ tall. Related to Coleus, it has large, soft, toothed leaves held on thick, upright, branching stems. From Fall to late Spring, it bears large (10”), upright spikes of rich, purple-blue, long lasting blooms. The flowers emerge from fascinating buds that look like condensed “Chinese Houses.” A must for a tropical garden & would be lovely paired with Brugmansia sanguineus, the bright orange & scarlet “Angel’s Trumpet.” With rich, composty soil & average water, it will reach full height in less than a year.

Sun/Pt. Shade
Avg. water


USDA zones 9 -11