Nolina microcarpa
“Basket Grass”

Nolinas are members of the Agave family & native to the Southwestern U.S. Stunning & easy to grow, they’re heat & drought tolerant, evergreen, deer resistant, not fussy about soil & hardy down to 10 degrees F. So why are they so little known? “Basket Grass” makes a very handsome landscaping plant, forming a striking clump to 4’ tall of gracefully arched, tough, evergreen leaves, ½” wide & 4’ long (without spines) that were used by Native Americans for weaving baskets & mats In May-June, it sends up a dense, plume-like, blooming stalk that can reach 8’ tall. The flowers are tiny & cream-pink. Native to dry, rocky slopes, Nolina microcarpa needs no Summer water once established.

Avg - No water once established


USDA zones 8-11

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