Helleborus orientalis hybrids
‘Helen Ballard Strain’
“Lenten Rose”

Our seed supplier tells us this strain of Hellebore is the most beautiful they have ever seen. Descendents of the most coveted forms created by Helen Ballard - renowned hybridizer of the “Lenten Rose” - this strain forms large (3” across), waxy, often extravagantly marked, outward facing flowers held above the evergreen foliage. To 15” tall, they form a bushy clump, 2’ across, with thick leaves shaped like hands. HIGHLY DROUGHT & NEGLECT TOLERANT, they thrive in full shade to AM sun. Extremely hardy, they are well known to bloom at sub-freezing temps, even in the snow, Winter thru mid-Spring. H. orientalis is also one of the best Hellebores for those along the California coast, as it doesn’t require a cold Winter to thrive. Average to good garden soil. A layer of compost in Fall to early Spring for best show.

Full shade/AM Sun
Avg./Low water


USDA zones 3-10