Dudleya lanceolata
“Lanceleaf Live-forever”

Dudleya lanceolata “Lanceleaf Live-forever”

photo: (right) Lynn Watson

“Lance-leaf Dudleya” is a striking coastal Dudleya found from Big Sur to the Mexican border. It is more adaptable to various situations than most Dudleyas & is found hanging onto sunny cliff sides as well as thriving in flat areas. It grows in full sun & in the shade (though best in filtered shade). Clay is fine, & it has done well on the Redwood Coast of Northern California with 40” of rain. A very adaptable Dudleya! It is a handsome specimen plant with long bluish leaves in a rosette. The flower stem grows to 2' tall & has clusters of yellow-red flowers, quite attractive to hummingbirds. “Lance-leaf Dudleya” would look great with Mimulus puniceus & native Eriogonums, which all bloom at the same time. Also a great candidate for stacked walls & pots.

Anni J.

Low-Avg. Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 9-10