Geranium maderense
"Ginormous Geranium"

“Is this Geranium from another planet?” you might ask when first encountering this extraordinary giant from the Canary Islands - land of all plants weird & wonderful. Unbelievably focal pointy & super-duper easy to grow, it’s crowned from April to mid-Summer with a massive ball of pink flowers to 4’ across! Blooms in year two but you won’t mind at all since its large, ferny, tropicalesque leaves are a stunning garden focal point all on their own. Self-sows reliably for freebie handouts to lucky friends. Rich, well drained soil. To 4’ x 4’.


Geranium maderense "Ginormous Geranium" Geranium maderense "Ginormous Geranium"
Sun (coast)-Brt.Shade
Low-Avg. Water

Monocarpic Biennial (sometimes Perennial)
USDA zones 9-11