Geranium maderense
"Ginormous Geranium"

Geranium maderense "Ginormous Geranium" Geranium maderense "Ginormous Geranium"

“Is this Geranium from another planet?” you might ask when first encountering this extraordinary giant from the Canary Islands - land of all plants weird & wonderful. Unbelievably focal pointy & super-duper easy to grow, it’s crowned from April to mid-Summer with a massive ball of pink flowers to 4’ across! Blooms in year two but you won’t mind at all since its large, ferny, tropicalesque leaves are a stunning garden focal point all on their own. Self-sows reliably for freebie handouts to lucky friends. Rich, well drained soil. To 4’ x 4’.



Geranium maderense

Sun (coast)-Brt.Shade
Low-Avg. Water

Monocarpic Biennial (sometimes Perennial)
USDA zones 9-11