Random Stuff We Love!

awesome people doing awesome things:

Marion Brenner Photography

Renee's Garden - preserving the finest heirloom & cottage garden seeds!

Urban Tilth - cultivating agriculture in West Contra Costa County.

Villa Sobrante - 4 women, 1/3 of an acre.


CNPS - California Native Plant Society

Dave's Garden - Online Gardening Community

Ecology Center - Promoting urban sustainability

Garden Watchdog - Online guide to the best mailorder gardening companies.

Greywater Action - Greywater recycling & reuse!

Our Water Our World - Organic IPM information

Pacific Horticulture Society - The BEST West Coast Garden Magazine

StopWaste.org - Reducing waste in Alameda County

Yellow Dot Project - Plant Honeybee Friendly Plants!

Wild Boar Farms - Outrageous Tomatoes!

other stuff:

Builder's Booksource - A bookshop for builders.

Mrs Dalloway's - A bookshop for gardeners.

Article Pract - The East Bay's finest yarn shop!