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Item ID: 2019
Genus: Campanula
Plant Type: Flowering
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$6.95 4-inch
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Campanula latifolia ‘Blue’
“Great Bellflower”

Campanula latifolia 'Blue' "Great Bellflower"

Classically elegant, unbranched vertical stems bearing large, bright purple bellflowers are just the thing to bring structure & color to the mid-garden. Showy, shiny buds unfold into storybook flaring bells, 3” across and deep. Dependably perennial, it blooms in Spring & if cut back will repeat bloom in Summer-Fall. In my experience, this is the longest blooming Campanula of all, growing to 3’ tall & 2' wide. Easy & great cut flowers too! Tolerant of heavy clay, but best in rich soil. Self-sows.  



Sun(coast)/Pt. Shade
Avg. Water
USDA Zones 3-10
Item ID: 2019
Genus: Campanula
Plant Type: Flowering