Salvia melissodora
“Grape Scented Sage”

Salvia melissodora "Grape Scented Sage"Salvia melissodora "Grape Scented Sage"

My very favorite sage! I think we should change its common name from “Grape Scented Sage” to “Lavender Scented Sage” because the flowers & foliage emit a powerful lavender aroma. A profusion of lovely lavender-blue blooms on 6-8” spikes appear Spring – Fall, beloved by bees, butterflies & hummingbirds! Tough & evergreen, it grows into a dense shrub, 8’ x 6’, but it’s easy to prune for a shorter stature. Very easy to grow - I almost NEVER WATER mine. Do plant in well drained soil with compost added annually for picture perfect appearance. Hardy to 20 degrees F.


Avg./No water once established
USDA Zones 8-11