Salvia involucrata
"Rosebud Salvia"

Salvia involucrata "Rosebud Salvia"Salvia involucrata "Rosebud Salvia"

Opening from large rounded buds, this spectacular sage displays masses of totally intense rose-magenta fuzzy tubular flowers held on long red-tone spikes. It’s such a long and prolific bloomer (from June ‘til November), prepare for hummingbird wars in your garden! You’ll admire the large heart-shaped, luxurious lime green leaves and its generous size – to 6’ tall and easily 6’ across. Looking for a fabulous, fast-growing, big, chunky, long-time bloomer for your garden? This is it! Cut this multi-stemmed, multi-brancher to 1’ tall after bloom for a fresh looking plant each year. Also, if you prefer a shorter, more compact form, cut back to 2’ tall in late May. Side dress with compost once or twice a year for best show.

Salvia involucrata "Rosebud Salvia"



USDA zones 7-11