Psoralea pinnata “Kool-Aid Bush”

Psoralea pinnata “Kool-Aid Bush” Psoralea pinnata “Kool-Aid Bush”

Bursting into a traffic stopping display of bloom from early to late Summer, this South African shrub or small tree is a wonderful choice for a small yard and mixed border. Maxing out at a height of 12’, it’s a very fast grower reaching 5-8’ in its first year, with dense soft needle like foliage. Blooming in its first year, the large 4-5” clusters hold totally enticing, exquisitely shaded lavender blue and white bi-colored sweet pea like flowers. But that’s not all! They’re sweetly scented – some say like grape Kool-Aid! Easy to prune into any shape you like, do provide well-drained soil, Summer water and a top dressing of compost once a year for a glorious show.


Sun/Pt. Sun
Avg/Low Water
USDA Zones 9-11