Nemophila menziesii
‘Snow White’
Nemophila menziesii ‘Snow White’Nemophila menziesii ‘Snow White’

Just like “Baby Blue Eyes” in habit, California native ‘Snow White’ blooms its heart out in masses of elegant pure white. I love to mix it with cousin Nemophila ‘Penny Black’ & Limnanthes douglasii "Meadow Foam" for a refreshingly different bloom-at-the-same-time color explosion. Add the flash of Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird' & oh! Garden magic! Like the others, it makes a great bulb cover - imagine bright red tulips growing through these! Self-sows! To 12” high & wide & is wonderful as edging or in a container (at least 10” is best). An easy-to-grow Spring bloomer - just protect from snails. Available until mid-April.



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