Monopsis lutea "Gold Lobelia"

Monopsis lutea "Gold Lobelia"Monopsis lutea "Gold Lobelia"

What a curiosity! A yellow flowering Lobelia! I'm particularly fond of this fast-growing, matting trailer because it makes an awesome hanging basket subject, bursting into a MASSof luminous, 1", lemon-yellow blooms in late Spring to Summer & continuing to a lesser degree until Fall. Pretty, glossy, emerald foliage adorns the trailing stems that root as they go – good for a small-scale groundcover in a part shade or bright shade area. Easy to grow in rich, well-drained soil, it’s nicely perennial, giving you years of enjoyment. Trim it back to 1' across in Fall to maintain that dense growth habit. Tolerates low water.



Bright Shade - A.M. Sun

Avg./Low Water Fertilize once in awhile

USDA Zones 9-11