Meconopsis x sheldonii
"Blue Poppy"


Meconopsis x sheldonii Blue Poppy
Photo by J. Brew

This magnificent plant was produced by a cross between M. grandis and M. betonicifolia in 1934. Of all the blue Himalayan poppies M. X sheldonii is the most vigorous and heat resistant. Clear vivid blue flowers are 3 - 4” across with a crown of dark gold stamens. Your heart will flutter the first time you see this dream-flower bloom. Here along the north coast (zone 16 and 17) we are lucky to have the cool Summers and moist air that the “blue poppies” require. They also need humus rich soil, bright or high dappled shade or morning sun-afternoon shade. While it can be regarded as a true perennial, it is best not to let the young plants flower until they have produced a second rosette of leaves, so pinch back first buds. To keep the plants in good health, they need division every few years in Fall or Spring. To 4-5’ tall and 2’ wide.


Shade/Requires cool temperatures
Average Water

USDA Zones 6-10