Lobelia speciosa 'Compliment Deep Red'

Lobelia speciosa 'Compliment Deep Red'Lobelia speciosa 'Compliment Deep Red'

Based on crosses between L. cardinalis, L. fulgens and L. syphilitca, the 'Compliment' series of Lobelias are well known for their garden worthiness (blooming for 3 months) and for their long lasting, long stemmed cut flowers. This variety bears long spikes of rich, dark red "butterflies". Very easy to grow (no disease or bugs). Just cut it back when blooming is finished and it will re-sprout fresh growth in Spring. Wonderful in a container (10" and up) also. Rich soil. To 2-3" high & 12-18"wide.


Sun/Pt. Shade
Avg/Moist Water

USDA Zones 4-10