Linum lewisii
“Blue Flax”

 Linum lewisii “Blue Flax”

Genuinely sky blue flowers are rare, but the color on this CA native flax is the real thing. Native to grassland & open woodlands, Blue Flax adapts well to gardens. It looks good in dry landscapes with grasses but also in open perennial gardens, rock gardens & pots. The plant has slender leaves up to 18” but the arching & cascading flower stems can reach up to 3’. The effect is airy with 1” blue flowers seemingly suspended in space & it lifts my heart to see them during Spring & Summer season. Plant in full sun (the flowers will not open in shade) & in lean garden soil. A short-lived perennial it self-sows pleasingly in dry landscapes. May self-sow rather too happily in well-watered areas, but the seedheads are easy to cut off if you find you need to control the reseeding. To 1-2.5' high & 15-18" wide.

Anni J.

Full Sun
Avg.-No Summer Water

drought tolerant

Perennial in
  USDA Zones 5-10,
Annual Elsewhere