'Black Beauty'

Photo Courtesy of peganum
1 Bulbs per Bag

Aprofuse bloomer that reaches an impressive 4-7’ tallwith lightly fragrant, 3-5” crimson flowers with strongly recurved petals, prominent spotting, star-shaped apple-green centers and narrow white margins.Blooming in late Summer,new buds continue to populate the multi-branching, arching stems for a prolonged show – young plants can produce 15-20 blooms per stem while mature plants can produce a whopping 40-60! This “Orienpet Lily” combines the best features of its parents (Oriental and Trumpet) - fragrance, large flowers and vigor. And its nectar-rich, prominent stamens attract bees and butterflies!A stunning cut flower for vases,make sure to cut stems with some buds unopened. Plant in fertile, well-drained, lightly acidic soil in sun or light shade and keep soil moist during its active growth period. After blooming is finished, let plants naturally wither before removing spent foliage. All parts are toxic to cats but not dogs.

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Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 4-9