Helleborus orientalis
'Double Peach Blush'

Helleborus orientalis Double Peach Blush

Prized for gracing the late Winter and earliest Spring garden with their delicate (looking) lotus-like blossoms, Hellebores are also desirable for their reliability and resistance to deer, clay and shade. This delectable new selection is no exception, with lightly ruffled, downward-facing, rosy-pink to apricot hued 3” double blooms. It’s lush green growth and brilliant blooms are a beautiful way to signal the start of a new gardening year. Reaching about 2’ high and wide, it’s lovely massed as a larger-scale groundcover in a shade garden, or planted in a container (5 gal+) or very large hanging basket where you can better admire the pendulous blooms. Plant in rich soil with good drainage. Goes Summer dormant in hot Summer areas. It’s a good idea to cut it back to the ground in zones where it remains evergreen to refresh the foliage. Compost once a year for optimum vigor.                                

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Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 5-10