Hibiscus acetocellus
“Red-leaf Hibiscus”

Hibiscus acetocellus “Red-leaf Hibiscus”Hibiscus acetocellus “Red-leaf Hibiscus”

A stunning deep red foliage (& stemmed) plant from Africa. Growing to 4’ tall & 30” wide, its showy leaves are maple-like & the 2” flowers, borne in the leaf axils are dark red, too. Grows quickly to 4-5’ tall. Great back of the border plant to add depth with its dark foliage & also looks great as the foundation for a showy tropical container planting. Great in an infinite number of combinations -  try Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’, Cerinthe major purpurescens, Cosmos ‘Orange’, Euphorbia ‘Dolce Vita’ - whatever you can dream up!  “Red-Leaf Hibiscus” should be cut to the ground before Winter. Bloom time is Fall, or late Summer. Frost tender, but gardeners in colder zones often grow it as an annual for its bold foliage.


Avg.-Moist soil

 USDA Zones 9b-11