Aloe plicatilis
"Fan Aloe"

A FAN-tastic, eye-catching, small-scale “Tree Aloe” for the dry garden AND one of the most sought after! This uniquely beautiful South African succulent forms a multi-branching shrub with highly textural gray bark and 1’ long ever-grey-green leaves held on the tips of branches in fan-like sprays. Slow-growing garden specimens tend to reach 4-8’ high and wide after 10 years or so while wild specimens in their native range have been found towering 15’ tall! Single flower spikes over 1’ tall emerge from each branch tip in late Winter topped by a loose, conical cluster of 2” red-orange tubular blooms loved by hummers. Perfectly suited to the dry Summers and wet Winters of the San Francisco Bay Area where it thrives in full sun with little to no additional water once established. In hotter areas it should be given protection from hot afternoon sun. Provide exceptional drainage for best health – sandy soil is perfect. Fire resistant, tolerates mild frost, deer, and drought.

Aloe plicatilis Fan Aloe

Plant Unicorn

Low/No Summer Water

Perennial Succulent Shrub
USDA zones 9b-11