Aster chilensis
“Coast Aster”

Aster chilensis Coast Aster Aster chilensis Coast Aster
Photos by (Left) Jerry Kirkhart (Right) J. Kehoe Photos

We love native plants that are EASY and REWARDING for the average gardener while keeping our native flora abundant and our wilderness friends healthy. Here’s a local native Aster that is a perfect example! This California wildflower is not just a pollinator magnet, drawing hordes of native butterflies, bees and wild birds, it is also a “just right” plant for gardens and containers! Sweet 2” lavender daisy-like blooms with cheery yellow eyes blend harmoniously with just about any garden scheme and bloom prolifically from Summer thru Fall. Growing to a bushy 2’ tall and wide, it spreads over time, though not aggressively. Thrives in any sunny spot and it can take most soil types, including clay!  Provide Average water over the first 18 months for best drought tolerance. Winter deciduous.

Marti B,
Gardener at Larger

Full Sun
Low/Avg. Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 6-10