Dracunculus vulgaris
"Dragon Lily"

Dracunculus vulgaris Dragon LilyDracunculus vulgaris bareroot bulb bag
Photo (left) by Sarah Murray

1 Bulb per Bag
(bulb is approximately 7x7 cm)

For gardeners who like a lot of drama but not a lot of work – we bring you this gorgeous, easy-to-grow, darkest burgundy “Dragon Lily”! Every Spring this herbaceous perennial shoots out a 4-6’ tall white and green striped pseudo-trunk topped by a tropicalesque canopy of 1’ long speckled leaves. In Summer, the flower appears, looking like a Death Metal version of a calla lily. The near-black, velvety bloom generally reaches about 2’ longand, upon first opening, releases an unpleasant smell in order to attract flies for a little carrion-scented coitus. Thankfully, the smell only lasts for a day or two and is totally worth it!Once flowering is complete, the subsequent berries persist for many months, eventually maturing to a brilliant red-orange. Provide well-draining, humusy soil for best health. Lift and overwinter indoors where not hardy. Seems to be happiest in dappled shade.

Plant Unicorn

Part Sun/Part Shade
Average Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 7-10