Solanum caripense

Oh-so-rare in cultivation, this fabulous evergreen tropical shrub bears pendulous clusters of 1-2” juicy fruits with a slightly tart, melony flavor. Quickly gaining popularity as an heirloom edible, this South American native grows to about 2’x2’ with a compact habit. In Spring, loose bunches of white flowers emerge, followed by grape-like clusters of fruit that mature to greenish-yellow with bold purple stripes – very similar to its close relative, pepino dulce. Fully ripened fruits have pale yellow flesh, which is quite sweet with a tangy bite. Can be grown in the ground, but is especially attractive in a container (10 gal.+) as the fruits tend to cascade down below the foliage. Provide protection from frost.

Plant Unicorn

Average water

Perennial Edible
USDA zones 10-11