'Pink Velvet'

"Angel Trumpet"

Brugmansia Pink Velvet Angel Trumpet

Perhaps the richest pinkof all “Angel’s Trumpets”, we really appreciate ‘Pink Velvet’s’ flowering habit as the blooms hang straight down,not at an ungainly angle as with other pink varieties. A strong grower & heavy bloomer, the long-lasting, richly scented, 8-10” flowers keep coming from Spring thru Fall – scenting your evening garden like nothing else! A hummingbird favorite. Rich, composty soil, do fertilize or side-dress with compost several times a year to keep foliage nice & green. Protect from strong winds. 6-8’ tall. Deer resistant!


Sun/Bright Shade
Average Water

Perennial Shrub/Tree
USDA zones 8-10
(Deciduous zone 8)