Arctostaphylos edmundsii
'Carmel Sur'

Arctostaphylos edmundsii Carmel Sur

Among the many handsome groundcover manzanitas this is the fastest growing. Additionally it’s more tolerant of heat, drought & garden conditions, including irrigation. It does not like sand but accepts clay as long as the area does not flood! Perfect for a hot & sunny location on the coast (afternoon shade inland), at the edge of a watered lawn, or on an adobe slope. Makes a beautiful border plant at under 1 foot tall & 4-6’ across (some say 10-12’ across, so keep that in mind), the foliage is an attractive gray-green & fire resistant. The branches are attractively twisted with thick red bark, & the general habit is very dense. Some light pink flowers in the spring but the fine foliage & its tough as nails disposition are the main attractions. Moderately deer resistant.

Anni J.

Sun/Pt. Shade
Low Water

Perennial groundcover/shrub
USDA zones 8-10