Dianthus gratianopolitanus

Dianthus ElectraDianthus Electra

Every year we grow out lots of variable Dianthus from seed, searching for our favorites and this year’s chosen one is ‘Electra’, named for its intensely vibrant magenta-rose, scented 2” blooms. Really just the best for long, long season bloom and delivering eye-thrilling electric “pop” in your garden. To 12” tall and 14” across with a low, dense, blue-green, weed-suppressing mat. Dianthus love drainage, so plant on the edge of the bed or in a container (5+ gal) with a 1” side-dress of compost in Spring/Summer. Do cut all Dianthus back to 3” tall in Fall for nice fresh growth next Spring.


Sun/Part Sun
Avg./Low water

USDA zones 4-10