Aster carolinianus
"Carolina Climbing Aster"

Aster carolinianus Carolina Climbing Aster Aster carolinianus Climbing Aster
Photo (right) courtesy of Jason Holmes

A CLIMBING Aster? Yes, this amazing and little known Aster can quickly reach 10' tall and 6' across. EASY and fast without being aggressive, you get a wild, profuse cloud of scented 1.5", yellow-eyed, pink blooms fading to lavender. Long bloom season, too – from September thru November at least and the flowers are unfazed by mild frosts! A swell late season surprise for a fence, arbor or trellis. Clay tolerant but best in rich, loamy soil. Butterflies! Deer resistant!

Aster carolinianus Climbing Aster
Photos courtesy of Jason Holmes


Avg. water/Moist

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 7-11
(Possibly 6)