Verbascum macrurum

Verbascum macrurum Verbascum macrurum
Photos (Left): Graeme Churchard; (Right): Wolfgang Sauber

Oh so RARE & UNUSUAL – this TOUGH AS NAILS Mediterranean wildflower produces innumerable brightest-yellow 2” blooms on a 5 FOOT TALL, strongly erect, candelabra-esque flower spike! Almost impossible to find here in the States, this biennial produces an attractive grey-green, fuzzy-leaved rosette about 2’ high & wide its first year. In its second year it pulls out all the stops – creating a fuzzy, grey, bloom-encrusted spike that pumps out seemingly endless flowers, plus bees love it! Allow to set seed for future freebies. Not tested for hardiness in the US, but it’s likely hardy in USDA zones 10 & up. Poor soil is okay, but provide good drainage for a happy plant.

Plant Unicorn

Avg./No Summer Water

USDA zones 9-10
(Maybe lower)